Mike Roetker

Mike Roetker


Mike has worked for multi-billion dollar world-wide organizations earning numerous top awards for consistently placing
in the Top 3% for Marketing and Sales Consultants world-wide. He was later consistently winning awards as one of the top Consultants to
Major and National Accounts. He was then promoted up to mid-level management where he recruited, trained and
managed top producing sales and consulting teams. Eventually he became President and then CEO of an Office Technology

Throughout the years Mike has had the privilege and honor to have been personally coached by many of
the very best mentors in the Personal and Professional Development industry. In turn, Mike has also had the
Honor and Privilege to coach and mentor many other people throughout the world.

Mike has also had the honor to help several Not For Profit agencies raise and manage funds for various projects including serving on the Board of Directors for the United Way. Today Top Level Seo Group is creating a Not For Profit agency to help other 501c3 organizations gain exposure and raise funds for their various projects, goals and objectives.

Today Mike is President of Top Level SEO Group located in Valparaiso Indiana who are part of a closed, very private network of over 2,400 of
the world’s best SEO agencies and services. Some of the many strengths of our network is that we collaborate daily and
discuss the industry best-practices which are currently yielding the best results. Since the algorithms which drive the search
engines are in a constant state of evolution, this daily collaboration is absolutely invaluable. We share the latest treands
from around the world which both positively and negatively impact the nature of ranking websites globally.
We regularly pitch in and help the other members in our network when they run into uniquely challenging situations
and openly publish those results among our members.

“The unique power we yield in our world class skillset enables us to choose who will be elevated to higher visibility
in the search engines consequently gaining more exposure, more business and more impact in their areas
of influence. That responsibility is one we do not take lightly. This is why we carefully choose who we will, and will not
do business with”

“We continually look to work with reputable, established companies who are already providing high quality, valuable
products and services to their customers and who genuinely desire to take their business to the next level and eventually…
to the Top Level”.